14 Jan 2013

What a difference a day makes

I don't often take part in year long challenges or shall I say continue with them for very long but when I saw a link for this one on Suzy's blog Sea Glass and Sand I decided I really liked the idea of it.

The challenge is HERE  at Lucky Snapping in 2013 and is the View Challenge.  I'm a little late in starting as it should have been taken last week.

I chose the view out of my little craft room looking over the garden towards the farmers fields and the woods. I took my photo yesterday

I had to take the same view again as it looked so different with all the snow we had today.  What a difference  a day makes.

I'm so looking forward to seeing the changes over the seasons and can see all the photos making it to a lovely mini book


  1. Lesley, what a lovely view to view to have everyday, and what a lovely change day by day, looking forward to seeing the changes throughout the year

  2. Lovely pics..can't wait to see what you accumulate by the end of the year! x

  3. Sorry - I see this a little late, but maybe just in time! Congratulations!
    We started a new challenge - view -
    For all of us would be very nice to see your photos and designs!
    I can not wait to see your photos!
    Good luck!