2 Jul 2010

Sketch and Scrap 1

This is the first of the monthly sketch and scrap challenges I am taking part in with a few lovely ladies on UKS. The first sketch was set by Heather and a fab choice too - right up my street with loads of bloom although I think I may have gone a little OTT

Photo is of my granddaughter playing on the beach with Tana her chocolate Labrador puppy. i love the bond that is developing between them and how much fun they have together.
I am determine to use old stash for all the sketch challenges as I have so much patterned paper its obscene
Not been feeling too good this week - lots of nausea, temperature and awful pains in my side. I know I should really go to the docs. Hubby has been to the docs though as he had to get an early flight home today he was feeling so unwell. He has a chest infection and has been told the exercise he can have is getting out of bed - so what did I catch him doing - sneaking out for a cigarette. Well I can tell you he got a good tongue lashing from me and I've taken his ciggs off him now. Men - will they ever learn