18 Apr 2011

Meet the Girlies

My last day at work was fine though very emotional. A presentation had been arranged in front of over 100 people. I had said that I would be getting some chickens so apart from them making a works magazine of my career in the force the rest was rather chicken themed. Anyway purchased on Saturday with some of my leaving present money here are the girls. They did have me picking names out of a hat during the presentation but the only one I've kept from those is Chuckles. This was suggested by an old boss of mine who said - ' Chuckles ' a) it sounds a bit like chick b) it sounds a bit like chuckie egg c) Most importantly it reminds me of Lesley and her lovely laugh Well after that it had had to be one of the names The brown one at the front is a Columbian Black Tail and is called Feathers Fandango, next to her the white one is a Coral Nick and she is called Angel. At the back on the left is Miss Snoots and she is a Copper Black and on the right is Chuckles and she is a Rhode Rock
and the first egg laid by the lovely Chuckles the day after I got them - I was expecting to wait a couple of weeks
Here is Feathers Fandango making her way up to the hen house

And finally Jen with Chuckles at Durham Hens where we bought them. What a lovely place it was

And finally both Chuckles and Angel have laid and egg today