24 Feb 2013

Ravers Team Circle Journal

As part of a team the Rik Rak Ravers on UKs we all take our turn to run a challenge. Whilst the idea of a team Circle Journal wasn't mine I did volunteer to run it.

We have all chosen different themes and will complete a double page LO for each persons journal although die to ever increasing postage cost we will only be posting the pages to each person rather than the whole journal.

My theme is quotes or poems that I can use on scrapbook pages.

I have decided not to do my covers until I have got a few more pages back then I can decide better how best to do them

So here are my pages for my journal. I kept it quite vintagey as that's really the style I am most comfortable with. I have every intention of being more art journally as the CJ progresses and would love to see lots of different styles in my journal

 The above quote is  'home is where you treat your friends like family and your family like friends'

The quotes below are 'Families are like fudge, mostly sweet with lots of nuts'


'Family - like branches on a tree we all grow in different directions yet our roots remain as one'

I wanted the journal to be quite interactive so have pockets, tags and opening pages

Wedding invitations

My daughters invitations are finally finished - well the daytime main ones are. I still have the evening invites to do.

... and a labour of love they were. She changed her mind about card, colours style - but then its her day.

The printing was a nightmare as I only have an ink jet printer and it wouldn't print on the pearlised paper that she wanted. So hubby was roped in to do the printing at work. Needless to say that was not without its problems, even though they printed out here ok from his machine everything had changed.

Any way with the help of my good friend Dee and lots of hard work and laughs, we got half of them done. We had problems with the embossing folder creasing the card and even had it in the fridge at one point ( dont ask why) - but in our reasoning it could have worked.

 Its a pocket fold card with 3 separate cards in the pocket with the accommodation, contact and gift details. The ribbon detail is all hand stitched to ensure it lay nice and flat
The front and the pocket are all  hand embossed

Jen even carefully put all the jewels on them.

.... and I'm pretty pleased with the way they have turned out

A big thanks to Dee for her help and encouragement doing these - she kept me sane when they were going wrong