4 Jan 2013

12 Days 2012

I've been taking part in Cheryl Johnson Christmas photography workshop again this year and have thoroughly enjoyed all the assignments and again learned so much. When I did this last year I did not have my DSLR and have actually found it much easier this time than when I only had my bridge camera

The final assignment was to make a a collage or slide show of some of your photos.  After looking at some of the slide show programmes I decided to do mine in photos hop. Not sure if this has been a mistake as I have had loads of trouble trying to upload to the forum. I uploaded it into flickr but seemed to loose loads of quality. Not sure what the quality is like here


  1. fabulous Lesley..I should do this too. I have no idea how to use my camera...except on auto;-)

  2. Great job - and so productive! Loved your slideshow. :)