13 Mar 2011

Title or No Title

Today has been one of those days where nothing has gone to plan in fact I have felt a little bit let down - never mind tomorrow is another day.

I have managed to do some finishing off of LO's I started at yesterdays crop and the one a couple of weeks ago

Title or no title - I always put a title on LO's - well until now. I couldn't think of a title for it and the more I looked at it the more I thought it looks OK without.
What do you think? Its of my Granddaughter and husband climbing above the falls at Aira Force in the Lake District


  1. Interesting you say that - I've noticed a few layouts recently with no layouts .. and actually I don't always think they need one. Like this one for instance, it's fabulous without it. I'm loving the lace and ribbon on a slant - gorgeous.

  2. Yep, No comment is fine with me too! Such a lovely lo too

    L xx

  3. The LO is gorgeous Lesley and with the journalling and such a fab photo it needs no introduction from a title. Love the rich beautiful colours you've used.


  4. I think it looks great without. You could add some tiny alpha sticker to one of the top corners of the frame if you are still unsure with something like the date or 'helping hands'. Why don't you leave the layout for a few hours or a day and then come back to it with fresh eyes, then you'll be sure :)

  5. Lovely layout! I think you're definitely good with no title, especially because you have some journaling :)