29 Mar 2011

Last Day at Work - tomorrow

I'm going into work for the last time tomorrow and I know there is a presentation and other things organised for me. Whilst it was my decision to take voluntary redundancy for many reasons, I know I will find it difficult to say goodbye to everyone. I have worked there for 20 years working my way up from being a temporary member of staff to being a member of the Senior Management Team. I wont miss the stresses of the job but I will miss my team of dedicated support staff who have always been very loyal and supportive. I've got a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes already - get a grip girl !!!


  1. Sending you good, positive thoughts over the web! Good luck.

  2. Hope you get through tomorrow okay and able to concentrate on the good memories

  3. Oh Lesely, I do feel for you. But think of all the lovely people and friends you've met and made, and I just know that good things will come your way, from now on xx