1 Feb 2011

Well its been long time

The first LO is from a recent Sarahs card kit and is scraplifted from a LO by Rachael Elliot. I really like her LO's. The photo is my Granddaughter feeding the birds while on holiday in America last year

This is me at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. It was a wonderful place to visit and quite surreal

This is my LO for the Sketch and Scrap group I am part of. I used Gottacraft January Kit. Not sure I'm totally happy with my LO but I love the black and red in this kit

and finally my Granddaughter again playing with her chocolate Lab - their favourite game where she throws the ball as far away as she can and then runs and hides and Tana has to find her. Trouble is when Abby is at school Tana still goes looking for hunting in all the bushes to no avail.
Thanks to my friend Heather for giving me a boot up the backside to get blogging again. Promise it wont be so long next time


  1. Yeah to Heather ... glad to have you back and blogging. You create fabulous layouts, and you should share more with us :) Can't understand how you're not happy with your one for the sketch, I think it's fabulous.

    Love the game that your grandaughter plays with her dog :) ... and had to giggle that she still searches for her during the day.

  2. Lovely to see you blogging again Lesley!

    Gorgeous LO's and I love the photo of your granddaughter and Tana playing - as you know I am partial to a chocolate lab myself :)