13 Feb 2011

Crop LO's and a Happy Birthday

I had a lovely day at the Frozen North crop yesterday and managed to finish two LO's probably something of a record as I probably spend too much time chatting

The first is my dad and although he is now in a care home becoming increasingly frail with Alzheimer's he has a real love of chocolate and each piece gets the look of delight shown in the photo.

This one is for weekly challenge set my the Dizzy Dots on UKS. A lovely challenge thank you.
Part of the challenge was to include a group of something. I chose the cupcakes my sons fiance made for their engagement party last weekend and they were delicious as well as very pretty

And finally Happy Birthday to Heather my friend and team leader on the Rik Rak Ravers. Have a lovely day Heather .

This is the card I made for her and my first attempt at an easel card.


  1. Love the layouts Lesley and the card you made for Heather is gorgeous. Will need to get you to show me how to make one next time I see you xx

  2. and what a beautiful card it is:)