20 Aug 2010

TV and Remote Control Fancy Dress

Well its fancy dress time for horse and rider again. My granddaughter Abby always comes up with the idea of who or what she wants to be and its me and her Mum who have to put it into practice.
This time it was a television and a remote control, the horse being the TV and Abby the remote control. At first it was " how on earth are we going to do that " but then realised that it was a great idea

Here's how we did it

First the plug - a box cut in half and painted black and some stock cube boxes painted white. this was attached to the pony's tail with a pipe cleaner.

The remote control took a little more work - some black material and funky foam cut into the required shapes. All the lettering was just done with white pen edged in black.
The TV screen was old cardboard painted and then some printed pictures stuck on and a few thickers for the Sony label

Although I haven't a picture, the back of the TV for the other side of the horse was painted black with Scart sockets drawn on. The aerial for the horses head was made of pipe cleaners

Yellow the pony was very well behaved and didn't seem to mind being dressed up. He even resisted the urge to poo on the plug attached to his tail

Anyway all the hard work was worth it as we won first prize. It cost nothing to make only a few bits and bobs from my little craft room and mum, daughter and granddaughter had great fun together making it


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  2. Your Granddaughter is one lucky little lady Lesley - your costume is fantastic and a very well deserved first place winner. Her remote control outfit alone is amazing x