2 May 2010

Swimming with Dolphins

Having a lazy Sunday here but thought I would share these fab photos of my granddaughter swimming with dolphins in America. She has only recently returned from the holiday with her dad and her return was only slightly delayed by the volcanic ash. Her Mum has missed her so much ( and so have I to be honest) but to know what a great time she has had really makes up for that. She is nine now and growing into such a lovely young girl, confident, clever, willing to have a go at anything and very caring. I am so proud of her

Anyway when I get around to it I'm sure that I will enjoy scrapping these photos and the numerous others that her dad has put on a disc for me.

I have a circle journal to finish today - Favourite Books - and I have to say I am a little lacking on ideas at the moment. Al the other entries are so good. I know the book I want to do, Wuthering Heights, its just how to do it??


  1. Her face just show how much fun she's having ... how fabulous :)

  2. Fab pics!!! my sister wants to do that too! lucky DGD xx