28 Apr 2010


This is my new Greenhouse. I've never grown anything in a greenhouse before so I'm hoping to learn lots about it. I was advised by my GP to have a new project to focus on and this is it. My granddaughter is keen to assist and has planted various seeds in there including, beans, corn on the cob, some flowers and round carrots

I have put in tomatoes

and strawberries and have cucumbers and peppers ready to be planted

I have also done some lettuce and spring onion from seed so hope they grow too.

We have so many wild rabbits in the garden that eat everything in sight that it will all have to be kept in the greenhouse or we will have nothing left. Any tips on how to keep the rabbits out of the garden would be gratefully accepted


  1. How exciting Lesley. I love my greenhouse, and only a few years ago, and caught the growing veg bug ...can't wait to see how you get on. :)

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  3. I always find a shot gun and the waving of a packet of ready-to-roll shortcrust pastry a good enough deterrent where the bunnies are concerned! GH looks fab tho!

    from Envious Woman of the West Country xx