5 Nov 2012

UKS Cybercrop

I've had a fabulous week doing some classes and challenges from the cybercrop on UKS.
This was a far more relaxed event than some of the previous allowing people to take their time with their work and pick and choose which classes and challenges to do.

I have been so lucky and won three of the classes.  I have to say I was gobsmacked.

The first was - The Name of the Rose by CoventryAnn.  This was a lovely class and I knew I would do a page for a memory album I am doing for my ex sister in law after the recent death of my X mother law. Although we had been divorced for many years she was nana to my children and we always got on very well and I will miss her so much - she was one of those women who never ever had a bad word to say about anyone

I loved hand making flowers again on this LO I really don't do it often enough
My prize for this one is a large kit from Creative Craft World. I'm really looking forward to receiving it

Next was a class by AliTS - The Adventuress - a Charity shop Bodice ripper.

Lots of inking and misting on this and I had to colour the branch and the twine to match. I mixed lots of colours to do the leaves and had great fun getting very messy

The photo is of my own little adventuress swinging through the trees on an assault course

The prize for this one was a surprise from AliTS - I wonder what it will be

and finally  An Autobiography by Ifa

I very rarely like any photos taken of me or scrapbook about myself. Ifa was so right in everything she said about journalling - who will know that I haven't used the latest papers or products but wont they want to know a bit about the photograph and wont my family want to know about me.  More journalling from me from now on

I loved this photograph of me taken at the Creative Heart and Soul retreat in March by Anna Bowkis.
My prize for this one was 2 classes from Shimelle

And finally don't you just love it when someone de-friends you on facebook.  Good news in my book because at least you know where you stand and they probably weren't really a proper friend and life is a lot easier without them


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  1. I did that and I didn't mean to. I clicked on the wrong thing and because I couldn't see properly I unfriended several people. I now don't click when my eyes are blurry. LOL