4 Dec 2011

12 Days of Christmas

I'm currently doing Cheryl's 12 Days of Christmas photography course. Talk about having a lot to learn but I am determined never to use my camera on Auto again.
The first is a collage where we had to try out White balance and wow what a difference it makes. All the shots were taken indoors during daylight hours. I think the best is the cloudy one (2nd down on the left cos I've done the writing too small)

The self portrait below was actually the first assignment, I nearly gave up before I started. I hate being in photographs. Thanks to my daughters friend Dawn on this one who was trying to point me towards taking a low key photograph. It didn't really work but the outcome wasn't as bad as I expected.

Next was to spell it out. For this I have used a Scrapbooking title and Christmas decorations on top of the fire

Finally it was a festive photo walk. As it was my husbands works night out I thought I would have ample opportunity to take some of the lovely lights I thought would be around where we were eating. How wrong I was there were no outside lights so I had to resort to the back garden the following morning

This is one of my chickens who did not take kindly to being disturbed by a mad woman with a camera and holly while she was in the nesting box

Today's assignment was fun party type photo booth shots. Difficult when everyone is out and hubby refuses to play. Will have to think again tomorrow


  1. What a fab bunch of photos!!!
    Well done and straight to the top of the class!!! :D

  2. Some fab photos Lesley, loved the ones of the chickens, I wonder what the chickens were thinking!!!

  3. Hi Lesley ~ I came to visit from CJ's forum. Your photos are great and it looks like you are really enjoying the class. I sure am! :o)

  4. fab photo's Lesley, Love the chicken and holly one.

  5. Lesley these are fabulous!! Bless the wee chuck . . .lol I wonder what she was thinking!!