5 Nov 2009

What a Day

You know when you have lots of plans for the day and before you get out of bed you just know its all going to go wrong. Well that's the day I've had today.
Lovely hubby was catching an early flight and had to be up at 04:00 - did he get his bags ready the night before? No. Did he use the main bathroom shower instead of the en suite? No. -Lights on in the bedroom and make as much noise as possible-. So I didn't get back to sleep until 7 am only to be woken at 07:45 by the scaffolders (having a new roof) wanting me to move my car which I did in nightie, slippers and dressing gown much to the amusement of the roofers and scaffolders. Went back to the bedroom with a coffee and to have a shower to find them at my bedroom window. Quickly shut the curtains but there's something a little unnerving about having a shower knowing there are strange men just outside your bedroom window. Anyway half way through the shower it went off - don't know why - leaving me covered on soap and having to rinse it off in cold water in the sink. And all before 08:30

And what were my plans - to have a leisurely morning and then go and help my mother with her shopping and then do the pre crop challenge for the UKS cybercrop. The only part I have managed so far is to help my mother with her shopping

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  1. Hiya! am i your first follower then? get a move on with the pcc missus xxx